On Gratitude–New Poem by MW hardwick

Gratitude Poem by MW Hardwick

Mysterious and powerful this thing called gratitude…

Being grateful turns sadness, irritations and isolated lives

Into a new mindset–life becomes more enriched and elevated

What I have is good enough because it is a gift.

Turns day-to-day issues I face into challenges…

Victim mentally disappears…happiness seeps-in…

Getting your gratitude muscle going leads to

More self-compassion, less disappointment and stress

Positive mental and physical well-being take center stage

Whatever it is that you might be struggling with starts to fade…

And hope is renewed and fostered.

An “attitude of gratitude” clears the way for happiness

Promotes and increases a satisfying life by—focusing on the good enough…

And replacing negativity with a positive outlook…

Thus increasing health, optimism and your “quality of life…

It starts with observation and awareness and many times

Ends with a “THANK YOU”

Feeling appreciated and important drives happiness…

So start today to be more grateful…choose it and live it

Gratitude ripples out to others

Think about it. Capture it. Share it .

And make the world a better place…by being more grateful

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…

Note: Inspiration from Dr.Robert Emmonsbook on the New Science of Gratitude

entitled–“Thanks! How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.”  


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