How to Overcome Your Fears of Public Speaking? 6 Things successful presenters do differently

In response to a recent request of how to get ready for your next “Big Presentation” I reviewed some of my most popular posts on presentations–hope this helps you deliver a “Knock Your Socks Off” Speech. Good Luck Robert and rest of you in on your next presentation Let me know how it goes. Good Luck Coach Mark

Presentation Coach

How many presentations and lectures have you heard? Probably in the thousands or too many to count.  Of these presentations  how many provided some useful “take homes” or hit the high bar  called the “AHA” or  “WOW” factor? On a regular basis I survey my students and seminar audiences on this question for many years.  Their answer is that you can count them on one hand.  The critical question becomes—What makes these speakers outstanding or creates an AHA reaction.

1. They have executive presence—firm hand shake, good eye contact, dress, smile, sense of humor and inspire  us because of  a positive or touching story delivered with authenticity and passion.

2. They are high energy communicators who are speaking in common everyday language, seem approachable, confident, credible, inspirational, and connect in unique ways.

3. They deliver a clear, concise, compelling, relevant, believable and memorable — make your presentation sticky.

4. Develop your…

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