Winning the Super Bowl–Moment of Truth Mental Toughness and Preparation

Mental toughness and Preparation the Difference in Winning the Super bowl for New England


What makes this Super Bowl one of the Greatest games ever played–drama, toughness, mistakes, bad decisions and panic, and unpredictable moments made a must watch TV moment. To me the elements of MT displayed were the highlights. Let’s start with Malcolm Butler ( who was not a super star until this game. He was working at Popeye’s chicken before the start of the season ) and his Super Bowl interception at the one yard line to win the game: he said after the game he just felt bad because he let Kearse make a super catch before his moment to shine and needed to make a play for his team) Here are the little things he did to be ready to make the play– Do your homework through preparation (listen and learn in practice), take risks and trust yourself and execute.

Lessons for Sea Hawks: never waste a [play] or an opportunity in stressful situations to do what you do best —run the ball with your great star Lynch… and playing too aggressive (Pete Carroll’s style) can backfire…we all are flawed and nothing is ever perfect so own your weaknesses… luck is a big uncertainty that can change the outcome of anything in life in a flash…take the timeout in life to put yourself in the position to win in chaotic situations.

The truth is that we don’t just need mental toughness in sports. We need it for crafting a meaningful and constructive LIFE by making a difference and changing the world.

Example: most people are working with more discretionary capacity to do more in moment to moment situations than they think they are capable of because they fool themselves into thinking they are doing good enough and some are using the moment to focus on failures or even thinking they are working too hard.

Many times during our daily life we are providing and protecting ourselves by making excuses for our lack of effort. We are generally working with less than 100% commitment to this moment in life. By that I mean we stay inside our comfort zone or take the path of least resistance or risk.

We only do tasks that will ensure we play to our present strengths and do not take the risks to stretch ourselves and thus do not take the risks that might help us reach our full potential.

We only talk to people we like or know which limits our knowledge and growth. Our present comfort becomes more important than learning something new. We want feedback that validates our present behavior and only listen to ideas that reinforce our beliefs. (Confirmation bias)

On the other hand, if we want to reach our goals and live a more fully engaged life, we need to practice and make the effort to embrace change by digging deep and stop playing the safe game of life of “not to lose”  verses learning how to embrace growth and learning by “playing to win”

And by that, I mean go to work today with a new mentality – one that pushes and stretches you to challenge your mental set of staying in your comfort zone by taking the risks to do more that in the end will help you go further in life.

Here’s an easy guideline: just learn one new thing everyday by challenging your comfort zone. Challenge and surprise yourself in being more aware—by taking the risks to grow and “be the best you can be” because this is where learning takes place.


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