Creating a Masterpiece like MLK’s Speech–What is Nancy Duarte’s Secret for Changing the World ?

Quote:  “I saw a story framework (for presentations) that uses contrast as a structural device… “The primary form of contrast is the gap between what is and what could be. When a speaker constantly contrasts what is and what could be, the audience becomes allured by the possibility of what could be and migrates toward it. This is how great speakers align an audience with their ideas… this technique can change the world. “Yes, it can change the world,” Many people think they are not in a position to get their idea heard so it can make a difference. You may think you’re just a nerd engineer in the bowels of a corporation. But you can still change the world. Many times, people embedded in corporations have important ideas. If they know how to articulate them, they can change the world.”

Nancy Duarte hit a home run with this Insightful and practical analysis to help anyone struggling with learning how to create a memorable presentation. Brilliant integration of how King used of  metaphor, politics, and great thinkers in his I have a DREAM speech. He was truly an exemplary communicator showing us how to connect in the moment with your audience. as listen to this video keep in mind what JFK once said about giving presentations: “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.”    


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