The Christmas Hawk named Edward

Miss you and your peaceful refrains

On this cold Winter Morn

Sun shines bright in the North August backyard

I look around and see the basketball court

And remember those exciting and fun days

The court is shoveled and my hands are covered with painter’s gloves

The fingers from the knuckle up to the tips are bare, so as to dribble and shoot better…

I look and see a red-tailed Hawk I call Edward perched on a leafless tree

My friend Edward is looking beyond me to the meadow, silent and majestic

I turned and shoot the ball bouncing it off the rim toward Edward and he remains unchanged

And still as the cold morning breeze blows the ball down the hill stopping by his tree.

I look up and our eyes meet…he stirs and looks back

Then he pushes off the branch and unravels his beautiful wide red and brown wings

As if to say goodbye…I hope I was welcoming enough that he will come back…

And visit me again…so graceful in flight and beautiful to watch and wonder is that someone I know

Visiting on this Christmas morn…I wonder is this someone who has gone before me…just saying hi and

Reminding me of all my loved one’s…I wave and say goodbye…with tears welling up

A surge of pleasure and graditute washes over me..over me…OVER ME.


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