Creation and Alignment with a sustainable ” Growth Culture”


Daily Quote– Always desire to learn something useful. – Sophocles


People with a growth mindset are constantly monitoring what’s going on, but their internal monologue is not about judging themselves and others in this way. Certainly they’re sensitive to positive and negative information, and by using the Growth Mindset perspective they become attuned to its implications for learning and constructive action: What can I learn from this? How can I improve? How can I help my team mate do this better?

I am guided by the 4 p”s when thinking about a “growth mind set–guided by what he calls “the four Ps: purpose, people, passion, and process.” These four factors lead to perfect execution. I have listed these factors in descending order of importance, because if you get each factor right, the others follow in natural alignment and your actions are then in-synch with opportunity finding, problem solving and decision making.  For example, if you choose a clear and compelling purpose, then the “best” people will be attracted by that. They will be energized, motivated and unified as a good team. You will need less oversight and command and control rules this will then activate a self-directing, interdependent   sustaining culture of growth and discovery. In this type of culture people will feel respected and encouraged to grow and stay with the organization because they develop a sense of ownership with being a part of achieving the purpose of the enterprise.   Those people will then execute at a high level of purpose and responsibility. The “process with structure”  then fills in the open spaces and guides decision making in infinite and productive ways. So a strong purpose ties everyone together in a positive environment for being the “best they can be”.


To get all your people aligned on the right path is not easy. It takes perseverance and openness to change and dedication to something bigger than yourself which is where the passion comes in. Very top tip needs to be something everyone embraces–more than what the company intends to produce, it needs to be a story based on realistic optimism y and relevance to both employees and customers. You need to start in the reality of the “here and now” that produces a future that everyone can relate to, understand and activate their passion for the good work you team is doing. Is this type of culture reachable? Everything is reachable if everyone is engaged and committed to go beyond their needs and tap into selflessness of their shared venture.


By creating  this vision of a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow you create a belief in today that all your people can feel proud of and rally around it. In my view this is the most productive and effective way you can actually build a purposeful and passionate culture of success. This philosophy of the 4’ps aligns perfectly with my personal mission—to do good work that makes difference with one person, team or organization at a time which ignites them to grow and create meaning, fun and fulfillment in their and other people’s lives.



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