Leadership Case Study Howard Schultz–Treat Your Employees and Customers with Respect and Admit Your Failures.

We give our employees – we call them partners – 24 hours of training, which includes not just the nuts and bolts of what we do but also [explains] how we treat our people. Many. of them come from companies where they were not treated well, and they are understandably very cynical. They don’t trust management. We rebuild that trust by providing an environment that shows them we value their input, where they won’t be reprimanded for constructive criticism, and where they are rewarded for initiative. Some of our best ideas have percolated up from the bottom. Howard Schultz 

Are you having trouble getting started on a career? Try selling–it helps you meet people, learn to communicate and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Need to find a role model to motivated you to try selling listen to Howard Schultz on the merits of selling and connecting to others. look at what Howard Schultz and converse

There is a lot that can be learned in sales that will teach lessons for future success: how to make a good first impression, how to persuade and convince others, how to take rejection well, among many other things.  Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz started as a Xerox salesman. That led him to a job as a coffee machine salesmen, which is how he crossed paths with his current career.



Want more checkout his book, Pour Your Heart Into It, Schultz writes:

“Cold-calling was great training for business. It taught me to think on my feet. So many doors slammed on me that I had to develop a thick skin and a concise sales pitch for a then-newfangled machine called a word processor. But the work fascinated me, and I kept my sense of humor and adventure. I thrived on the competition, trying to be the best, to be noticed, to provide the most leads to my salesmen. I wanted to win.”



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