Cloudless Sky… poem by MW Hardwick

Cloudless Sky– by  MW Hardwick 

Our fragile hold on life, ups and downs, pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness

purpose and meaning, making a difference or not…

What do we want from life– autonomy with freedom to choose our path

Many paths are in front of us, which one to choose—

Living in the moment enjoying what is in front of us embracing one’s curiosity

Like a high-spirited child or grandchild, get engaged climb aboard the adventure of discovery,

Imagination and wonder…

Questions abound and usually start with—WHY?

Why are we here? Why do have fog? Why do we need sleep? Why do need money?

Where do babies come from? Where do birds go in the rain..Why do people die…

Don’t get stuck in finding anwers to all your questions or

Controlling things you can’t control…or Making things right or perfect

Just enjoy the journey and accept the mysteries of life.
It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery…
but what a wonderful and beautiful ride…It has been said by many–to have one friend and a bond that keeps us going, growing and wondering—is enough…

So what is this thing called life all about?

Maybe we  just need to stop looking for answers–And just need to meet life with more flexibility, openness, spontaneity, caring and freshness…

By finding our “still point”  which keeps us going, growing, wondering and opening-up to –our tranquility within… and simplicity of action uncluttered and unlimited…

By building a sense of trust in uncertainty and unknown…

Like a cloudless sky…cloudless sky… cloudless sky…



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