Daily Quote, Reflection and Self Coaching Challenge: Learn Power of Personal Alignment

Daily Quote : “ We are disturbed not by events, but by beliefs which we hold and how we react to  them”. –Epictetus

Reflection:  On a personal level, I believe a healthy and effective person is one whose own actions are aligned with their capability/skills, beliefs, values and sense of purpose. A person’s sense of self and conduct ( role ) is a dynamic process related to several different factors:

    1. One’s vision for the future and the larger system of which one is a part.
    2. One’s sense of purpose or meaning which is malleable and evolves with time, maturity and development .
    3. The different role expectations  in relation to their family, peers or organizational systems of which one is a member.

To be effective in a particular system, an individual must understand the relationship between the various levels of change, and align their perceptions and activities to fit those dynamics. That is, goals and actions on an individual level should support the goals and strategy related to role, which in turn should be congruent with your personal purpose with respect to the larger environment.

Self-Coaching Challenge: Think about a recent situation or interaction. Now describe how you reacted and what you did in the situation. Here is an incident for you to ponder:

Event: Without asking permission someone cuts in front of you at the checkout line in the grocery store. You quickly narrowed down your  alternatives to the following:

A. You were reactive, on edge, irritated and judgmental when someone jumped in front of you at the grocery checkout line.

B. You  were accommodating, pleasant and accepting of the intrusion. When this incident happened you had a choice of a or b.

So now that you see it is not the events, situation or people who distress us but the way we interpret and perceive them. Sometimes we are open to others if they do something, but only if they do it the “right way”–ask for permission or show respect. Taking stock of our time allocation and loss of energy requires reflection, data and willingness to decide on what is important and how to change our circumstances by changing our beliefs, attitude and behaviors to be in alignment with what we think is important in life.

By combining mental and physical processes with the different levels of change, a person can bring all these levels into alignment in the service of their vision and mission. The process uses what is called ‘purposeful anchoring’ to activate and integrate these different levels of experience. Many people have found this to be a very powerful experience and a tool to put themselves into an effective ‘aligned’ state. Jot down in your Learning Journal answers to the following questions:

1.  “When and where do I want to act in a more aligned manner?”

3.  “What will I do when I am acting in a more aligned manner in those times and places?”

4.  “How will I carry out those behaviors?” “What capabilities do I have/need to do those actions in those times and places?”

5. “Why will I use those identified capabilities to accomplish those activities?”

6. “What values are important to me when I am acting in a more aligned manner?”

7. “What beliefs guide me when I am acting in a more aligned manner?”

6. “Who am I when I act in a more aligned manner?”

8. “Who else am I serving as an aligned person?” “What is the vision I am pursuing or representing?”What is my mission and purpose?”

Now, bring all your answers together into an integrated statement of your purpose and vision.whole of environmental space and experience how it is transformed and enriched.




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