Part II: Overcoming your Demons through 10 Self-Coaching Challenges

Do you see the “Glass half-full ?  Do you focus on the past and bad decisions or broken dreams? These are just two reasons that your demons and primitive brain are winning.  How do you overcome them?

Self- Coaching Challenge:

Think Straight, ACT STRAIGHT.

1. Eat Smart, Exercise and never give up HOPE for a better LIFE–Feel ALIVE.

2. Embrace Stress-It is the Spice of Life

3. Practice Mindfulness by mediating everyday

4. Be grateful for what you have

5. Don’t focus on past mistakes

6. Build a support team and eliminate bad practices and relationships

7. Don’t complain. Either change situation, learn to cope, or react differently.

8. See mistakes as opportunities to learn.

9. Find a passion. Make your hobby your life work–own it: art, tennis poetry etc.

10. Don’t bother comparing yourself to others—this only leads to frustration.

Want to read more on overcoming demons see Part I-  


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