Daily Quote and Self-Coaching Challenge: Increasing Self-Belief and 100% Responsibility for Actions.

Daily Quote: Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about making choices and creating yourself.” 

George Bernard Shaw 

Reflection: To change or not to change that is the “one” and “only question you need to answer in life ? My view is that you are 100% responsible for making changes in your life. Not your boss, or partner. My mother use to tell us : “I don’t know how to make anyone do anything they do not want to do. All I can do is create the best environment for you guys to succeed in. The rest is up to them.”  Her goal was to find our strengths and support our efforts to succeed. She did not hound us to do this or that with our lives but discover for ourselves what we love to do and let the motivation the natural desire to do good and be the best we could be bloom from within. She provided structure and support, but if that structure and support went away, we needed to ourselves up and continue on anyway. My desire to be great basketball player and always learning from my mistakes were never reliant on someone else to motivate me.   And really that’s the whole point of good parenting–lay off the criticism and let kids self-discover what the love to do and support their need to grow and develop. And by the way the “process with structure self-coaching framework I have been using for many years in coaching others is based on this simple philosophy–success in any endeavor in life is not the result of just wishing or dreaming, but clarity on what you value and then putting in the hard work to make your dreams a reality. The critical message is that no one can make you do something. A partner or friend can help, but when it comes right down to it they are not the ones who identify personal change goals,see what needs to be done to reach your goals, dig deep to find the source of distractions or obstacles for change, take constructive action, ask for feedback   persevere and even with failures never ever stop believing in themselves. It is you alone who has to take this type of responsibility. No one else can motivate or fix the things you want to change in order to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.  The “process with structure” self-coaching model provides a framework and activities to help you make choices and commitments for change. This will provide you with more ideas for increasing responsibility as another tool in your self-development behavioral tool box.  Another resource to help you change your life!

Growing and developing into a fully functioning person is a choice. Your challenge is to choose to believe in your self or follow the other path so many people choose—playing to lose in life. You haven’t seen your best days in you life if you “play to win” in life. This is a choice. Choose to believe it or follow the lead of many people getting bored, being unhappy, sleep walking through life and then facing consequences of  poor health and a sad existence just to run out the clock in life without getting scratch or hurt by unfortunate choices .  Who do you want to be?

Self-Coaching Challenge : Read the following point of view by Bella Falconi on life’s purpose and then choose what direction you want to go:

“When the wind is blowing too hard do not try to go against it. Adjust your sail and keep moving forward. We shall never fight the existent reality – see reality as it is, not worse and not better, just as it is. When we change our perception to the point where we are no longer part of life but life is a part of us, we will become fearless of going in the wrong direction. Existence and reality are self-adjusting. Life is made of a chain of purposes and so are us. Believe that the main purpose is not to know how to live, but to be fearless of living”.


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