Want to Improve Mental Toughness? Learn these 3 critical behaviors

Daily Quote:  “Create what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and windmills and motivates you to keep on track for fulfilling your dreams”. Dr. William Glasser, Author of Reality Therapy.  

1. Learn to become more assertive and open to feedback.

You stand-up for your rights and confidently assert your viewpoint and perspectives. You know that the key to self-awareness is being aware of your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots so you encourage other people’s viewpoints and observations about your behavior through feedback, whether they’re observations are negative or positive. You welcome other people’s point of views, so you can learn to develop and improve interpersonal relationships.

2. Learn to make practice perfect and become more persistent in following through on your personal goals and objectives for living a more fulfilling and constructive daily life.

You have a strong will power which doesn’t let you give up on things you really want. You keep persisting in small smart-steps until you master the things that are important to you. You keep trying and you don’t stop until you’ve achieved that target. Part of your trying to change is to apply the rules of deliberative practicw to your life. Giving up just isn’t your thing, but looking for alternatives and creating more effective habits is.

3. Practice being more gentle and forgiving of yourself.

Many people are so hard on themselves they don’t have difficulty trusting and accepting their true self. The lack of self-compassion makes it hard to be positive and move on. If you don’t let go, and forgive yourself it is difficult to learn lessons from making mistakes or failing to accomplishing your goals for personal growth and development. The answer is to learn to forgive yourself when you make a mistake and leave the past in the past and focus on the next event. Learning to forgive yourself increases your ability to restore energy and increase positivity in life.


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