Daily Quote and Reflection: The Real Voyage of Self-Coaching–Readiness and Choices

Daily Quote: As Marcel Proust, the early 20th century French essayist, cultural critc and novelist once said:

” The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 

Reflection: I have post many ideas on self-coaching, so much so, that it seems like I am selling an idea that has a lot of resistance for trying it out. In reflecting on this, I have come to the conclusion that whether you choose to try some of the self-coaching ideas out or not you are definitely doing some type of self-coaching every day of your life.  I am just adding a proven “ structure and process” to your random thinking about your daily activities and how you can bring these activities under a more systematic, dynamic and effective method for self-growth and life improvement.  You may be wondering what this is all about and why I think it’s worthwhile for you to make the effort to make some of these scientifically proven practices a regular practice in your daily living. I have found that using proven steps to deal with constant changing circumstances a very important coping mechanism for bringing more satisfaction and happiness into my life. The concept of Self-Coaching and Discovery may seem to much like an academic exercise but let me reassure you these self-directed practices aren’t schoolwork, but reality. Self-Coaching in my opinion is critical lifework. Everything you do to gain more control over what you can control in life makes life’s ups and downs a little less stressful and enjoyable. Every module you complete in the Self-Coaching process can be small-steps to keep you from living your life on automatic pilot and dealing more effectively with evitable problems that pop-up. You will develop more confidence and feel more competent at doing what you decide to do. The sooner you learn these mental skills and habits, the sooner you will be in charge of your life and your future.

Self-Coaching Challenge: Remember that life can be difficult and with more self-awareness and self-direction you are learning to make choices that put you in more conscious control in making choices. What would it mean if you could be more proactive and less reactive or impulsive in living your life?  List three benefits and explain how your life would be more satisfying. 

What do you think? That’s the important thing. I offer my full support for whatever you decide, as long as it is a well though out decision based on moving you toward more pleasure in life and away from pain and confusion. The Self-Coaching process I am recommending is all about you being more aware and deciding the real voyage you want to life.
So I am with you whatever you decide, just be sure that you are making a choice that will help you become the person that you want to be, doing the things you want to do. Then you can’t go wrong, and I am behind you 100% of the way.

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