“Big Hairy Ass” Question for Monday

The only question you need to ask about life starts with this Big Hairy Ass  question:

What is the reason you are living? Victor Frankl challenges us about the meaning in life when he says: Survival for what?  Those who survived the ordeal of concentration camps in WWII created a future orientation rather than a self-center orientation. They created in their mind’s eye a future desire for re-connection with someone or something outside of themselves. This ability to find a mission outside of yourself is called Self-Transcendance and says is the secret for creating a meaningful purpose in life.

More questions for Self-Reflection:

I go to work each Monday at_________ because I want to______________.

Self Coaching Challenge

What is your professional vision and purpose________________________________________________

What do you need TO do in order to grow and develop as a leader________________________________

What do you want to focus on in your position and what motivates you in your present job___________________________________. 


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