Best Article of 2015 –Are you “Treading Water”at work or do you have a Career Development Plan ?

Don’t miss this insightful article on modern-day Career Development.  Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide,  spends a lot of time thinking and talking about careers. In his outstanding article, he offers a detailed plan for career development through each stage of work life, his point of view is designed with long-term control and success in mind. Fetherstonhaugh offers some clear and thoughtful  advice on how to manage your work life. Most of us spend 60-80% of our valuable time at work but seldom reflect and think about to manage and get this significant part of our daily lives right.  He provides a roadmap for Millennial’s to  Retirement folks on what you need to get right about work in order to make choices and take control of how to create a satisfying and meaningful work life.  His key observation after 35 years of watching and coaching entry-level employees to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies is summarized concisely when he says  “ Most people have the wrong approach to careers. They think about the immediate next step, not the pathway. They treat a career like a sprint, when in fact it is a 40-plus-year marathon. They are more focused on getting promoted on Tuesday (or not fired on Friday) than about having great choices when it really matters–in their 40s and 50s”.


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