Want to see how Mentally Tough you are? Don’t miss Taking the Hardiness Test Today.

Over the weekend assess how hardy and mentally tough you are. Take the hardiness test and make a plan for getting mentally tough. See this link http://www.queendom.com/queendom_tests/transfer.

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Following-up on this morning’s post on recent research on Mental Toughness  here is your opportunity to assess your mental toughness or what Dr. Jerabek President of Psychtests AIM Inc. calls the Hardiness Test. 

The study reports that hardiness impacts both physical and mental well being. For example, hardy individuals take fewer sick days, exercise more often, and have healthier diets. They are also more satisfied with their career, and tend to perform better at work than their less hardy counterparts. “The results for performance at work were actually quite staggering,” explains Dr. Jerabek. “Mentally tough individuals outscored their less tough counterparts by at least 20 points on a scale from 0 to 100. It seems that they are simply better able to channel stress at work, using it as a momentum to boost them rather than sidetrack them.”

Queendom.com, one of the web’s foremost sources of personality, career, and IQ assessments…

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