New Poem–Connections “and that is the way it is…”

Connections–And that is the Way it is– by MW Hardwick 

If you’re uncertain about life that is okay
Experiences push you to confront and accept yourself

A boys’ life rich with imagination, questions and challenges

Sometimes I thought that
Nothing could touch me or reach me,
When dribbling my peach like leather ball on the gravel

Or standing at the foul line fingers in the groves

Arc of the ball go through the net

Hearing the …swish…

Imaging the winning shot…

Wouldn’t you rather
Be doing this than sitting down
For dinner of cream tuna, peas and toast

Or hearing the latest from Cronkide
All of us listening…to and waiting for

“that is the way it is” … “that is the way it is…”  DEC 5TH, 1959

Almost as powerful as my connection with the ball…

Approaching life as a game…I made my enjoyment greater than my effort.

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