Just Doing Enough is Okay…Poem by MW Hardwick

Just Doing Enough…Is Okay by MW Hardwick 

Any day is what you make of it.

The morning energy that leads to the afternoon dip.

Routines followed or just going with the flow

This day is messy and a bit painful.

Mr. time ticks on.

Believers celebrate and pray for peace… Cynics complain and wish better days

Still others are worried and anxious about what comes next.

I wonder if I can once again summon the energy to meet expectations.

I try to be more gentle on myself …

Then the new and old battle to see who is left to handle life

Unanswered questions and expectations.

Perfection walls. Expectation walls. Self efficacy walls.

And the high walls of expectations are the most difficult to get through…

Is this a pivotal time of internal rebirth?

It takes mindfulness, centering and positive energy to push through

And over the walls

Of staying relevant and being listened too …

I lean on Caring, Love and Energy.

The greatest of these is Caring.

Focusing on others as the center of my attention.

Selflessness, love, caring and compassion be yours.

Because this is your day… messy, disappointed or whatever…

May care and love prevail in the chaos.

Just do all you can do and that is enough…enough…enough…

This provides a greater directness in life

Limits interference and distraction

Provides focus and mental clarity

As to who I am and what I am about

No more pretending…I can be who I want to be


Stability in life at last, at last at last…


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