Self-Coaching Challenge: Reinvent Your Life by Living On Purpose and with Meaning.

Self-Coaching Challenge–Reinvent Your Life !!!!

Here are three experiential exercises you can do this weekend that can help you get started on reinventing your life right now!

1.  Clarifying your Values for living a meaningful life

2. Establish 2015 Vision for change and success 

3. Creating Your Life Purpose and Vision Quest Statement.

When you start to make choices from your core values and vision you will awaken your true purpose and passion for living. Your life experiences will have more clarity and meaning. You will experience more ability to make constructive choices, increase positive energy and freedom to do what you love at work, in your relationships and all other areas of your daily life.

Unless you have a purpose, vision for your immediate future, for how you want your life to look it is likely that you will continue to be confused, frustrated and “sleep walking through life”. Once you have created a strong foundation by completing the 3 self-renewal techniques  living a life on purpose and experiencing more happiness in life will be yours. Having a vision for your life will support you in making choices that align with your values and create a more positive future rather than worrying about past failures or issues. Without a short-term vision and a meaningful life purpose the future will look like you present path for daily living and will most likely be a replay of the past.

I promise you that spending a  few reflective and focused hours about your core values, short-term vision for 2014 and creating a life purpose will be the best gift you could give yourself this New Year. Now find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed and get started tonight.

Exercise #1: Clarifying your core values:

1. List 3-4 peak experiences from your past that have given you a sense of deep fulfillment. Maybe you stepped up for a friend, threw yourself into a position of leadership, received a diploma or a partnership………
2. For each one of these experiences list the Qualities, Skills, and Values that were present in that moment. This does not need to look a certain way just write.
3. Now, find the common threads that link these experiences. It could be leadership, love, power, clarity………what ever it is list the 5 or 6 common threads. These are your core values.

If you look into the environments of your life (job/career, business, network, family/friends, hobbies, spiritual, money, leisure, personal development) you will find these values present in those areas where you are passionate; and missing in the areas you are not. How do you think your life would look if your values were there in all areas of your life?

Exercise #2: Your Vision

1. Start with your 5-6 core values
2. Write out in present tense the date 1 year out from today i.e., “It is December 20, 2009 and”…..
3. You are going to describe, in present tense what you want your life to look like. Who is there with you, what are you feeling, what are others experiencing? This could look like this…
4. “It is January 10, 2014 and I have set a goal of setting up a new web and blog on Self-Coaching, readjusted my stock and retirement portfolio, reviewed my physical fitness goals and setting my schedule to workout with light weights 4 hours per week and I am playing tennis 5 times per week. My blogging activities has become energizing and I continue to research and survey studies in the fields of neuro-psychology and positive psychology integrate in with my basic study of personal change and leadership development. I am totally fulfilled in this area. My family is amazing. The drama and separations of the past have worked themselves out and there is no more isolation. My one weekend per month with my granddaughters is a gift and they are such beautiful, spirited human beings and we enjoy ourselves immensely as do their parents and me. I am touching everyone I come in contact with on a deep level, from family to my clients and customers. I am aware of the love, leadership, and affinity I am living life with a purpose and having fun……
5. I wrote this in about 30 minutes. It may take you less or more time  but remember the important thing is to own what you create. There is no right or wrong way to do this exercise, so push your inner critic aside and just let your writing flow. Use the present tense…..what you want your life to look like…..don’t concern yourself with how this will happen, that is a later challenge, just write.
6. Now re-write it until it feels right and is you … my example is just an example…so make yours true for yourself.
7. This is the short-term vision for your life 1 year from now.
8. Use this as well as your core values as the light at the end of the tunnel that pulls you forward. Make your choices from Values/Vision and

Exercise # 3 See the following Wick post: Creating Your Personal Purpose Statement and Vision Quest.  Completing this exercise will put you on the path of peace and renewed energy for living a more focused and meaningful life.

As always I encourage you to hire and work with a coach. One who has done their own work not just gotten certified and is now a technician. You deserve to work with an artist. Interview prospective coaches, if they are not receptive to that run for the hills. Interview me, if we are not a match I have several coaches I can recommend.


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