Part II on Being “Stuck in Life” Increasing Energy by Using two proven techniques to meet New year Resolutions

Do you feel “stuck” or lethargic because life is difficult or your enjoyment of your life is at an all time low. Has self-pity and frustration become your core experience in daily living? Is there an area of your life that is driving your upsetness or dissatisfaction right now? Are you stuck in some critical area of you life such as a boring job or a career going in the wrong direction or your financial situation-high debt on credit cards , living pay check to pay check or a loveless marriage or relationship? What can you do to shake yourself out of this “stuckness”  in 2015 Try three evidence based techniques discussed below to get unstuck.

1. Look for some past positive experiences or bright spots rather than on negative things to change our situation and move through being “stuck”.
Psychologists and behavioral change research tell us that we are wired to look at the negative. One famous study concluded that, when it comes to the way we think, “negative thinking is stronger than positive thinking and emotions .” So when it comes to getting unstuck in some area of our life, we’ll tend to ask ourselves, “What’s the problem and how do I fix it?” But often we can benefit more by asking a different question: “What is working and how can I do more of it?” In other words, we can learn from our own “positive experiences or bright spots.”

2. Finish incompletions in your life. Being stuck or frustrated could be as easy as something being incomplete or unfinished. Incompletions are energy barriers or themes that often fly below our radar. They sap our energy and creativity and cause us to withdraw and doubt ourselves and ruminate about our past hurts.. Incompletions can be as easy as clutter or disorganization in you home or work environments. Some common examples are: clutter in your garage, house, car, office, desk or clothes closets.  Old to-dos that you know you are not going start or finish, unopened mail, poor follow-up to rational requests,unanswered e-mails, , or phone calls to friends or relatives. Incompletions drain energy and show up as lower levels of energy, resentments, negative attitudes, self-pity, broken promises, or putting off important priorities in life. Some bigger incompletions are not finishing a College degree, upgrading skills, an article or report.

Pick one thing in the next 24 hours that has been nagging you because of incompletion and complete it this weekend and you will be amazed at the shift in your energy and attitude about life and other incomplete things in your life.

You don’t necessarily have to complete the situation but start the process:

1. What is nagging you and incomplete in your life?
2. What will have to be done to complete it? Be specific. What will it look like when complete?
3. What action do you need to start right away? Write them down.
4. Schedule your actions and be clear about when you intend to be finished.
5. Do you need resources or support like a friend to help you get started and hold you accountable?
6. Start something right away this weekend

Complete this one incompletion by using Smart-steps and or the Plus 1 technique you will be amazed at how you feel and how these actions will pull every area of your life forward as well.

Try these 2 proven techniques for personal change and the feelings of being “stuck” will lift from your shoulders and provide clarity about how you have been blocking and stopping you from creating a more effective and fulfilling life. You then can use this clarity and positive action of success move beyond your negative mindset and frustrations of being “stuck and feel more valued and respected as a worthwhile human being. Good Luck and keep us posted on your successes to getting unstuck in 2015.


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