Creative Confidence

Want more Self-Confidence and Creativity Listen to David Kelley’s TED talk. Coach Mark

The Life-long Learner

Phrases from this talk that resonate;
– “Fear of Judgement” – “you don’t do things, you are afraid you are going to be judged. If you don’t say the right creative thing, you will be judge”
– Albert Bandura – “Guided Mastery” – methodology to overcome a phobia, other positive benefits perseverance, trying harder, more resilient etc.
– Albert Bandura – From going through this process they gained a new confidence “self efficacy” “The sense that you can change the world, and that you can attain what you set out to do”.
– Turn fear in to familiarity – people who feel they aren’t creative, take them through a serious smalls steps, small steps in creativity. Thus turning the unknown, the feared in the familiar.

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