Monday Morning Self-Coaching Challenge: SMALL STEPS NOW

Small Steps Now

Before you can run you need to crawl. Every opportunity that you miss to strengthen your relationships with others is a step backwards. Be on the lookout for ways that you are supporting and helping others throughout your day. Chances are your actions toward others need a pick-up because as time goes by most of us forget the others who have helped you daily sustain your success and who helped you get where you are now. New habits emphasizing remembering others and having gratitude for their support must be learned and practiced continuously. Put in place a small goal or challenge for yourself in order for you to test your gratitude. It is very important that you set groundbreaking yet viable challenges or else the exercise is useless. Do this on a daily basis and you’ll begin to notice that the test will begin to become bigger and more challenging. The reason for this is because those small steps are becoming larger steps and your mental focus on what is important will increase. Don’t stop, keep testing and challenging yourself.

I am launching today (Monday) with a few quick starter-to-dos for self-coaching. My IDEA is to get you going in a positive direction today. So here is my prescription for executing the–MAKE ME FEEL IMPORTANT (MMFI) morning picker-upper:


Call someone you have not talked to in while and thank them for being a friend. Do it now in the next 30 minutes. DAMN IT.

Thank someone for bringing a new IDEA AND THEIR SMILE to work today. Do it in the next … 60 MINUTES.

Observe yourself closely over the next 3 HOURS. Did you LISTEN more than you talked?

At the beginning of your next meeting MAKE 2 PEOPLE FEEL MORE IMPORTANT for THEIR CONTRIBUTION.

Have a great day and MAKE SOMEONE FEEL GOOD TODAY. Coach Mark


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