Daily Quote and Reflection: Making a Difference

Daily Quote: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”.  William James

Reflection: The big question is–What could and would I do to make a difference in others lives? How can I serve others? 

When you switch your thinking from doing something because you have to, in order to get paid, to doing something because it offers meaning and goodness for others will dramatically shift your experience in life. We all have a deep desire to be useful to something bigger than ourselves. We want to make a difference and impact both because we benefit when our family, community, humanity thrives and also because we have an intrinsic need to fulfill our potential. Serving others calls us to fulfill our potential by making a difference.

When you ask the question: How can I serve others? Your very best self rises to the surface. Living and working out of your strengths and best qualities develops them and strengthens them so that your whole life expands. You become more selfless and more capable of serving. 

The great thing about this question is that it will eventually lead you down a path of making a difference. When you are showing the best parts of yourself and developing that more and more opportunities to help others will show up on your radar screen. If you don’t know your talents  this question will lead you to them. It will show you what you have to offer.

Self-Coaching Challenge: On this Thanksgiving weekend reflect on the question–How can I serve others? Jot down in your Personal Development Journal how you can make this self




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