New Poem : Relevance of Giving and Thanks by MW Hardwick

Relevance of …Giving and Thanks by MW Hardwick


This This is the day of giving thanks for all we have…

 Not material blessings but more soft things like the beautiful color of the Fall leaves

But what about those less fortunate, stumbling, and hungry .

Yet our blurred screen of reality leads to inaction–self-absorption

This leaves a hole in our soul…

This is the time for courage and vulnerability.

People need help not more rhetoric

No job, hunger and nowhere to turn

One  good deed is  the life-line for hope
and more satisfaction for the giver

not just for one but thousands who watch

… and are inspired to act…inspired to act…inspires others–the ripple effect

Many times giving is more about gratitude and the ability to give …

Do what you can? Do what you can?

For that is the power of giving…

The gift that keeps on giving…

Relationships and family are–most-important thing many say

And then we do nothing to sustain them–

So are we bull shitting ourselves

STOP the Bullshit–and give the source of life

Loving and Caring…this works 100%

Joyfully give and encourage small caring acts of kindness this day…

Remember to give of your self… this promotes happiness

Be courageous and vulnerable on this day of giving…

giving, giving and giving…


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