Daily Quote and Reflection: Eliminating “Inner Kill” on Your Journey to Personal Growth

Daily Quote: “The art of dying and not knowing it. Inner Kill is not growing. Giving up on yourself. It’s taking the safe way. Always covering yourself instead of taking risks.It’s reacting. Not thinking. It’s giving up control of your life to whatever or whoever is around you. Inner Kill is the death of self-respect”. Dr. Richard Leider 

Reflection: Dr.Leider, CEO and Founder of the Inventure Group, in this essay and exercise on the Purpose Check-up challenges us to explore the concept of living on purpose and of “playing to win” in life. Dr. Leider wants us to stay attuned to and engaged in life. He challenges us to conduct a Purpose of Life Check-up just as we do a physical check-up. He calls this approach to giving-up on self-respect and your worth–Inner Kill. In living a life of Inner Kill we abandon any sense of worth and trying to figure out  who we really are or want to be. I believe our search for our identity is a way of staying engaged in life. We search out our inner demons and hopefully accept them along with our strengths and then make ourselves open to and visible in the external world. We do this by being conscious, courageous, truthful and vulnerable in our daily comings and goings in life. 

Self-Coaching Challenge: Dr. Leider has provided an excellent and insightful exercise for gaining more self-understanding of our own personal development in the Outer, Inner and spiritual aspects of our life called: the Purpose Check-up. I would recommend taking this check-up as you start to taking inventory of  how you have lived your life in 2013. This  challenge becomes our individual quest and individual journey. The essence of this new discovery is that the true self would much rather fail at its own life than succeed at someone else’s. Don’t risk living a lie it is to risky and really unsatisfying. Most of our personal growth is a journey of self-awareness. Don’t let live pass you by. Stop sleep walking and start living a Purposeful and Meaningful life. 


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