Daily Quote and Reflection: The Secret to turning your life around is to ask the Miracle Question

This is one of my most popular posts for 2013. If you want to know the secret to living a Meaningful Life try this experiential exercise–The Miracle Question.

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Daily Quote and Reflection:  “We must become the change we want to see”. Mahatma Gandhi

Reflection: If you want to master change Ghandi is imploring you not to just talk about change, but to begin take action to create your dreams.  When I read Ghandi’s quote at the end of some of my seminars and coaching sessions and ask how many agree with Ghandi’s statement?  I have never had  anyone say that his idea is “pie in the sky’ thinking, hogwash, naive unrealistic.  In stead, I have been asked: if someone believes in this quote, how do they get started in making the changes they need and want to make in their lives.

Today, I was reflecting on that question of: how to get started? Most of the time I probably have given an insufficient answer to those curious students. So in my research about self-directed learning and coaching I…

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