Poem: This is Me…Doing the Best I Can. by MW Hardwick

This is Me…Doing the Best I can…By MW Hardwick

I am unique and me.

There is no one exactly like me.

I accept who I am–strengths, faults and “big ears”…

There are persons who have similar outlooks and physical characteristics

And some personality styles and preferences like me…

Still no one is exactly like me…

Therefore, I am special and a gift…

Everything that comes out of me is not beautiful or prized

And yet it is singularly authentic because I am me.

And I am choosing and creating my way…

I own everything about me–          

My mind including its thoughts, feelings, and demons
My body including all its flaws and scars… and moles
My eyes including the images of all they behold;
My smile My words tone of voice loud or soft, sweet or harsh—-

And most of all my actions…good or bad…intentional or impulsive

I own my hopes and dreams, my fears, my failures
I own all my strengths, weaknesses and all my wins or losses.

I own all of me–bright and shadow sides…

By accepting me I am free to change and renew
I know there are aspects of me I don’t know and can’t hide

These parts confuse, scare and puzzle me–

Other aspects others see and I don’t.
But as long as I am open, vulnerable and compassionate with myself,
I can act whole-hearted and be daring.

Looking for ways to be more courageous…more caring and less self-serving

All I need to do is ask the universe…and solutions appear.

And if I stay curious, open and aware

I will find out more about me.

Being present and attentive to whatever I say and do

Whatever I think and feel at a given moment is me…

And this is being authentic and real…

I can discard that which is not working, keeping what proved worthy.
And invent something new.

Because this is me. This is me…Trying to do my best

I can see, hear, feel, think, say and do.
I have feelings of  joy, frustration, love, disappointment, excitement and happiness

To be close to others, to be happy.., and to make sense out of a complex world…

I own me, and therefore I can create my meaning…my  meaning…

I am okay and good enough…enough…enough…this is my BEST 

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