4 Critical and Must Have Skills to Succeed in 21st Century Market Place

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Gandhi

Many of you have asked me why I keep saying learning to communicate and present to others in public are so important for career advancement. I have posted many ideas about how to overcome your fears and anxiety about speaking in public and now I was sent an article from Fast Company that lays out why this skill and a few others are critical for your success.  Checkout the ideas of founders of a few reputable companies have to say:  Let’s start with Presentations–


“Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren, who pitched his idea 348 times before securing crucial funding, reports that public speaking is one of the most universally useful skills. Why?

“Whether you’re pitching a group of investors, rallying your employees, selling a customer, recruiting talent, addressing consumers, or doing a press tour, the ability to deliver a great talk is absolutely invaluable,” he says.

And if you’d rather eat a microphone than have to speak into one, fret not: Quiet author Susan Cain is here to help cure your oratory woes”.

If you want to learn more checkout this article by Drake Baer in Fast Company magazine — http://www.fastcompany.com/3015338/leadership-now/successful-founders-share-4-must-have-skills-to-bolster-any-career


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