Daily Quote and Reflection: The Secret to turning your life around is to ask the Miracle Question

Daily Quote and Reflection:  “We must become the change we want to see”. Mahatma Gandhi

Reflection: If you want to master change Ghandi is imploring you not to just talk about change, but to begin take action to create your dreams.  When I read Ghandi’s quote at the end of some of my seminars and coaching sessions and ask how many agree with Ghandi’s statement?  I have never had  anyone say that his idea is “pie in the sky’ thinking, hogwash, naive unrealistic.  In stead, I have been asked: if someone believes in this quote, how do they get started in making the changes they need and want to make in their lives.

Today, I was reflecting on that question of: how to get started? Most of the time I probably have given an insufficient answer to those curious students. So in my research about self-directed learning and coaching I came across a process that is more concrete and discovery based then simply saying find your purpose, define your mission, develop a plan and take action. Although these are good things to do I want to introduce a more profound way of getting started on the “change you want to see”

Try the Self-Coaching Miracle Question Process Exercise:  Here is how it unfolds:

1. Go to bed tonight and before falling a sleep encourage your unconscious mind to answer this straight forward Miracle Question, “If while you slept a miracle occurred tonight that solved all of your problems, how would you know when you woke up in the morning that a miracle occurred? What would be different?” Read more at http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/how-you-can-start-living-your-miracle-life/#4FQMFMv2A8XOtDtj.99

2. Now let us just say that when you awake from dreaming everything really went well and by some miracle all your problems were solved and everything you ever desired, everything good you could ever imagine for yourself, had actually happened – your life had turned out exactly the way you wanted it.

3. Capture in writing your answers to the following inquiry questions by digging deeper into the context and substance of the miracle:

  • What happened in the dream? Write down the story, characters involved and any other specifics you think are critical for making the personal changes you want in your life.
  • What specifics can you recall from your dream?
  • What do you notice around you that let you know that the miracle had happened?
  • What does your daily life look like?
  • As you go through your daily life–What will you see? What will you hear? What will you feel inside yourself?
  • How are different from the days before the dream?

4. After answering these self inquiry questions spend time reflection and thinking through –where you are now?  where do you want to go or be in the future. Use your Daily Reflection and Leadership Journal to write down your answers to these critical questions. Then set specific and concrete goals and steps to create that future. Writing these reflections down increases the clarity of what you need to do now and the next steps needed to push you forward to make you miracle a reality.

The key to success in reaching your goals and changing your life is a solution focused prescription that encourages you to imagine and visualize change and to start to create the future you want. The solution focused “Miracle Question” is a self-coaching “structure with process” that provides instant clarity and focus  through positive self-inquiry. The Miracle Question focuses your thinking on exactly how to achieve what you desire in life. Focusing on your future goals is the essence of self-coaching process. This solution focused exercise ignores what is past, what has happened, the history of the problem. The focus of the process  gets you to thinking on what you want to become, how they will get there and once there how you continue to grow and develop so as to reach your full potential. This self-coaching process stops you from obsessing about and feeling that past failures determine your future. It makes you focus only on what you want to be and do to live a better “quality of life”. It takes people out of the problem situation and into the more positive space of creating  and seeing opportunities and possible solutions for living a more productive and meaningful life.

The Miracle Question sets in motion a discovery process that inspires you to focus on their own solution, and come up with exactly what they want, not what others think is best for them. It reinforces independence, self-direction and choices.

Self-Coaching Challenge: Tonight or over the weekend try the Miracle Questioning Exercise and let us know how it worked for you.


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