The First Rule of Change: It’s Always Happening

The First Rule of Change: It’s Always Happening

“It is essential to follow your commitments 100% of the time—Do you have a clear and meaningful life compass.”  HBR May 22, 2012 Clay Christensen’s

As the world’s wisdom traditions teach and science is now verifying, our lives are in fact defined by constant change and ambiguity of constant change . Whether you’re looking to change a behavior, improve your health or other circumstances, or simply for a way to bring hope and resilience into your life as it is, The DRIVE 4 CHANGE MODEL will help you trust and coach yourself to discover your true strengths and motivations for personal development and change.

No Drive = No Change

DRIVE MODEL—Dealing with Motivation 4 Constant Change   

D = Development of “Life Purpose and Goals” through Self-awareness

R = Reality

I = Introduction of Solutions

V = Validate commitment for change and action plan for accomplishing desire results

E = Execute against plan and continuous improvement and change through feedback


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