Self-Directed Coaching Challenge: Goal Setting–One method to help manage time and energy

Self- Directed Coaching Challenge–Goal Setting: One method to help manage time and energy.

 Although I have been doing coaching and career counseling for more than 35 years, the leadership lessons I have learned have come from both experience on the job, and more importantly have come from observing and asking questions from other professionals and friends. These “tips” and wisdom from others have usually shorten my learning curve in most situation as a manager, CEO and business consultant. These lessons learned remain pivotal to my life as a life long-learner. Adult learners prefer to learn from their own experiences, and this largely explains why your kids and other less experienced people need to make decisions and then live with the consequences of those decisions. Your hope is that they learn the lessons from these experiences and if one doesn’t work they put it put on the out bound slide in their brain.

Today I am going to share some of the lessons I have learned and hope if they fit your situation you will find the helpful, if they don’t fit just move-on and learn for yourself better ways to be productivity or solve the issues facing you now.  

1. Set constructive, clear and concise goals for your professional development. In setting your development goals establish priorities by setting no more than three goals per quarter. Never work on more than three things. Doing this goal setting is crucial to your success and helps reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed every time you look at your things to do list that has 10-20 things weighing down your mind and draining your energy reserves.   Here is my formula for goal setting —


  1. Do a private brain storm and create a list of every goal or task that you are now facing. Pair the list down by establishing which ones are the most important ones to do right now.
  2. Prioritize this list down to the three most important goals to accomplish over the next quarter.
  3. Right a detail plan of action and list the steps or activities that will support completion of these goals by the end of this quarter. Write these goals down and make a commitment to getting started today.
  4. Once you have your top three goals put the rest of the list into a drawer and forget about it until next quarter.

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