New Poem by MW Hardwick—If I feel…and…

Poem by MW Hardwick —If I Feel… And  

If I feel sad when bad things happen I pause

If I feel stuck- I try to reflect on what is in the way and stop efforting

If I see fear I will face it

And do what I don’t want to do– plunge ahead.

If I feel uncertain I will ask questions.

If I see homelessness and unfairness I ask why and I will raise my voice.

If I feel down I know there is an up coming soon.

If I feel incompetent I will look to others for direction and ideas.

If I make a mistake I try to accept it and learn

If I feel insignificant now and lonely

I will remember my successes–and smile.

Today I will make it better by being more aware and paying attention and…

Count my blessings, count my blessings, count my blessings…


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