Self-Coaching: Observing and Coping with Being Overwhelmed

Self-Coaching Activity:—Observing and Coping with Being Overwhelmed 

Start with self-awareness. Observe and tune-in to feelings, and where you feel them in your body and name them.  Give yourself a couple of minutes for practice getting in touch with your level of emotional intensity and then practice the 10 second stress reduction response to lower you agitation , practice this deliberate attunement process several times during the day when you feel uneasy and jot down in your journal your reflections and insights—who were you interacting with, what was the topic of conversations and what did you say or do and why did this discussion bring forth such an intense emotional reaction.

Then, after a week of collecting this data ask yourself:  Do I have more control over these situations than I exercise? If so, “What I can do about it?” Take 30 minutes to do a self-brainstorm on solutions for these situations. Develop a plan to change your behavior and get feedback from a trusted colleague or friend on how successful your change plan is working—what worked, where did you fall short and get stuck? What can you do next time to be more successful?

Remember most personal growth and change plans are an “inside-out job” that begins with the foundation of enhanced self-awareness through observation of your unique patterns of behavior.  Turn inward, be curious about who you really are, and then show up to support the change you wish to be in the world. This self-coaching approach can encourage and support your tools of choice and then allow you to reach your potential in growing into being your best self!


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