Poem–Courage To Be… by MW Hardwick


to say and act on what you say you believe,

to stand up for what is right and fair, to face difficulties with openness and flexibility.

Leaving behind stubbornness ,
to be accountable and to hold others accountable,
to share ideas, information and resources,
to use caring confrontation when conflict arises,

And to never stop learning.             Never stop learning.

Never stop Learning.

To confront fear, pain, uncertainty, intimidation and injustice…

Leaving behind dogma and rigidity,

to act rightly in face of “moral” decisions and scandal, or discouragement.”

Have courage to take risks, and risk failure

to show heart felt compassionate and empathy,

And the wisdom to be humble…

to stand up and speak.

to endure setbacks and keep moving forward

And be brave…

Because life is dynamic, short

So stop look fear in the eye and do what you need to do.

Then, move on… move on…new experiences await you… await you…await you…


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