New Poem: Front-door Visitor

Poem: Front Door Visitor  by MW Hardwick 

As the afternoon sun shines high in the blue North Carolina sky

I walk out to get the mail–

Opening the front door I am greeted with fluttering of Mommy Bird

She lands on the front side-walk and looks surprised and anxious

I guess she didn’t count on visitors to her nest.

Being as surprised as her I stop and ponder about my visitor

She may be re-thinking about her decision to build her nest on our door

But who could blame her– nice location, protected from the rains and wind  

At the beginning of each season my wife adorns the front door with a new decorative piece 

Honoring the start of a new season

I guess at the same time birds start looking for places for nest-building,

In front of our door are two maple trees; suitable for nest-building

And if I were a bird this might have been on my list for nests.

Our unwelcome friend picks the greenish handbag on our door

With the dried hydrangea and pink ribbon stuff in this gorgeous carry bag 

I think this really is not an easy place to build your nest.

But as a shelter from the elements is a good spot to call home.

All during the day diligently flying in and out  finding twigs and food

This visitor is always on the go very little time for rest or pause.

I can see her anytime I want just by opening the door, but as a good neighbor.

I don’t want to disrupt her routine.

I can change mine till she and her loved ones are ready to go.

Then one morning last week I take a peek

The nest is now completely vacant, but this is not a sad time

The kids have left home and the cycle of  nature goes on…

Cause next year my door will again be there,


Ready to greet her…Ready to greet her…


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