Self-Coaching: Getting Started On Personal Change

Self-Coaching Exercise # 5—Setting Focused Goals

“Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” Isaac Asimov 

One of my favorite exercises is about personal change in important areas of your life. This activity is called the Process for Personal Change:  Start- Stop-Continue.

Exercise Directions: In each area of your life, family, career, spiritual, fitness, finances, personal development, relationships, and fun/relaxation-ask yourself:

  • What do I need to start doing?
  • What do I need to stop doing?
  • What do I need to continue doing?

After reflecting and answering these 3 questions for each area of you life space take a blank page in your Learning Journal and write down your answers. It may sound simple, but these three lists will become the keys for uncovering what goals we want to set for coaching and supporting your desire to become a more effective leader and manager in 2013 and beyond.

Basically, this is about doing more of the kind of things that energize you and less of what moves you away from where you want to be. Sounds easy enough, but the fact of the matter is most people won’t do this. They may make some superficial attempt to reflect on these questions, but will ultimately give up on these changes because their words are not backed up with –clear images of where they are now and where they want to go in the future and a focused action plan to take them there.


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