Poem: Let It Flow

In case you missed this poem. Just wanted to share some moments from our home called Common Ground in Wimberly, Texas. Great times had by all. It’s sad not to be there in the Hills anymore and wonderful to have shared the place with great friends. Just saying and remembering. Love, Coach Mark

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Living in Nature–Let it Flow

The sun is setting in the hills of Wimberly

These moments bring it all together

When will I learn to just enjoy the wonder of it all

And down the road  its quiet

Where the deer run free and the dogs enjoy the cool breezes

When will I ever learn to enjoy

All my dreams come true in nature

And the sun melts in to the Hills.

In the suffering of life

You are the bright spot

And life is simple just sitting by Loneman Creek and

Watching the water flow I realize

A true vision is at the moment when things flow and merge

In the natural way of things.

When will I ever learn–

Searching everywhere when inspiration

Is “here and now” if you just reach out and let nature flow.

Let it flow…Let it flow…

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