Poem: On Being Fearless

One of my most read poems. Fearlessness and the connection to love. Coach Mark

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Fearless–by Mark W. Hardwick

As the wind blows and clouds darken

And storm approaches– ominous in its potential

What do we fear– loss, injury or death?

The  mind produces uneasiness

Fear stalks you from inside-out and outside-in

Based on condemnation, self-loathing and real threats

Fearlessness is courage, confrontation,compassion

Knowing this sets you free

Illusions take center stage

Panic can immobilize you

And the storm still approaches

What do we fear?

While reality slaps you in the face

We can freeze and action stops

Fear itself grips your insides and out

Facing fear is the only way through it.

Stamp-out the fear demons

Ask or call for help

Be strong take the risk  to face it and act

On the other-side are not dark shadows

But meaning, understanding, support

Based in Trust, Forgiving and Love.

Love must come then fear is gone.

The way to love is only through the fear


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