Daily Quote and Reflection: Reflecting on the Gifts in Your Life.

Daily Quote: “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” Eric Hoffer

Reflection: I am always amazed how much we take the gifts of life for granted. Many times it is easier to identify our problems or  issues. In other words looking at the “shadow” and negative  side of life.  This type of thinking pulls us down and is most definitely a waste of our valuable energy in living. Maybe it’s time to shift or mental thoughts to what’s good instead of what’s wrong in our life. What are the joys and happy things that give us positive energy.

So do you have a list of  What’s “Right with your life?”

Action Self-Coaching Activity:  Use the Stop. Take a breath. Reflect. Act.  Use this tool to pause in your busy and hurry-up  and focus on what and who you are thankful for because it is so easy to take our blessings and good fortune for granted. This activity can help us reduce stress, build positive energy and restore the balance of what’s really right and wrong in our life.

So what are you taking for granted?  Who or what are you grateful for being in your life. And  challenge yourself tomorrow –to just take a moment and thank them.


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