Living a Meaningful and Purposeful Life: 35 Things that I learned too Late

Maxims for Living a Meaningful Life
Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

  1. Give away the credit demonstrates to others that you are a true leader.
  2. You must confront your problems and find solutions . Things do not get better by ignoring or denying they exist. As a matter of fact they get worst.
  3. Some problems have no solutions, so they just go on.
  4. Acceptance is not giving-in or caving. It is listening by using empathy to understand but not agreement.
  5. Lack of assertiveness has specific consequences to the quality of your life.
  6. To require that others respond to you as exactly as you want; means you give them control over you.
  7. “Finding” yourself is impossible but creating yourself is a worthwhile endeavor.
  8. Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results is not only foolish it is a waste of precious energy and limited time.
  9. If you influence others to respond in the specific way that you want, and they do, you have rendered them dependent on you.
  10. Giving advice is only effective when you ask permission to give it. Permission is a powerful way to get listened too. Know one likes to be lectured too.
  11. Activity is not necessarily the same as productivity; doing is being efficient and does not equate with doing the right things first and foremost which is effectiveness.
  12. Assumptions are destructive in many cases because they can lead us down the wrong road and create misunderstandings.
  13. Suffering and pain is a decision that eats us up from the inside-out. Self-disclosure is a better way to go.
  14. Be aware of dogmatic statements that lead to self-centered and self-righteous behavior.
  15. You can be strong if you allow yourself to be trusting, open and vulnerable.
  16. The only thing constant is change. Often the hardest work is accepting the changes or transitions in life.
  17. The loss of curiosity and creativity is more destructive than risking and failure.
  18. The more you run away from something, the more apparent it becomes.
  19. We criticize and are sarcastic to prove that we do not posses the fault. Don’t confuse people say what you want to say clearly, concisely and directly.
  20. Caring confrontation is one way to heal disagreements.
  21. Only when you feel fully secure can you be aware of how afraid you were before.
  22. Fighting something engages it; accepting it clears the way to moving on.
  23. The answer always gives birth to and shapes the question. Only by listening to the answers can you finally give voice to the important question.
  24. Immature people can teach us the depth of superficial things.
  25. If you don’t change your direction, or know where you are going you are likely to end up just going where you are going and not know why.
  26. Asking why 5 times provides clarity to the reason you are doing what you are doing.
  27. Action is not the same as expectations. Judgment resides in the potential space between the two.
  28. Following the 3 to 1 rule of positivity creates more productive and healthier relationships
  29. It is a moment of liberation to know that your are responsible for your own attitude and choices in life.
  30. The thing that gets in the way of seeing something as it truly is is our pre-conceived picture of it.
  31. The most common thing that gets in the way of listening and understanding something, is your desire to talk.
  32. Fear, change and insecurity are are driven by vulnerability, low trust and lack of self-efficacy.
  33. Mistakes and failure are the best teachers if you are aware and observant in life.
  34. The past experience can be a powerful lesson if we are open to learn from what happened and what you need to do differently to get a better outcome.
  35. All you have to do is the next right thing. Sometimes it isn’t clear what the next right thing is, but you can almost always be clear as to what it isn’t.

One thought on “Living a Meaningful and Purposeful Life: 35 Things that I learned too Late”

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    Here are 35 things I learned the hard way. Ask questions and listening to other people’s experience can increase your learning curve. I just wanted to pass these on to save you valuable time and energy. I am sure you can add to the list. Please add your thoughts and I will pass them on. Coach Mark

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