New Poem: A Memorable and Painful Day in Spring April,15th 2013…

Memories…Poem by MW Hardwick

This is a day in Spring
like any day, a mixture of hope and possibilities

Then you hear the news
Calm and peaceful rhythm the day

Is broken between this world

and the next… In a moment or phone call

Your life is changed forever

This is not
the time of acceptance.

This is not
the age of tolerance…

Forget the pain and news in Boston,
and the CNN blah, blah, blah,
and the smoke of those bombs.

This is the time
of remembering those loss
and the senseless violence of man against man

People are hungry for reasons
and one kind word of love and cry for peace
from an eight year old… Makes Us Stop and Reflect

On who we are …and how do we show more love and caring

Wake –up America to our gifts and realize…

Life is not about war, guns and violence…

We live to serve others and make a difference…

So when are we going to start…start…start…


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