Self-Coaching Tip #6: Overcoming Self Doubt by Relaxing and Mindfulness

Overcoming Self-Doubts and the Critic Within

Daily Quote: 

” Mindfulness and Centering involves simple keeping your attention in the present moment, without judging it as happy or sad, good or bad. It encourages living each moment – even painful ones – as fully and as mindfully as possible. Mindfulness is more than a relaxation technique; it is an attitude toward living. It is a way of calmly and consciously observing and accepting whatever is happening, moment to moment…This may sound simple enough, but our restless, judging minds make it surprisingly difficult. As a restless monkey jumps from branch to branch, our minds jump from thought to thought”. See more at:

Reflection:  I can see that there is tremendous benefit in choosing to let go of fear, judgment, expectations and stress. When we choose this course, we have the opportunity to be present in the “here and now” and in turn we are empathic, more centered and more peaceful. We have more energy and vitality for life because we are no longer resisting this moment but embracing it for what it is. When we are present, we are in a better place to think clearly, be in touch with our feelings, and make more informed rational choices in life.

We can learn to let go and be more aware and centered by:

1. Choosing to be more mindful and present in the moment and less on automatic pilot or “sleep walking through” life.

2. Becoming aware of the self-talk in regards to the past and the future.

3. Using 10 Minute Stress Relaxation and Recovery Response.   Just breathe and relax your body, smile and clear your mind and say “this is what it is, now what”.

4. Accept and trust that you can handle what is happening in the “here and now”

5. Choosing to do the right thing at that moment of truth.

6. Use positive self-talk like “ I am willing and can let go by just doing what I need to do now.

7. Use deliberative practice of relaxation responses which are great for centering and keeping you focus.

8. Practice taking Smart-steps to give your rational side to gain control over impulses and other stupid and primitive actions.


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