Poem: On Love and Loyalty of Family

Daily Quote: ” So much of what is best in us is bound up in our love of family that it remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty. All other pacts of love or fear derive from it and are modeled upon it.”  Haniel Long  

Reflection: Sometimes when I am confused and hurt or just want to get centered in life I turn to poems–Here is my reflection on the ideas of loyalty, love, trust and caring of a family

Poem: Fragility of Love and Loyalty by MW Hardwick

Love, loyalty and trust are deep and lasting emotions

And yet they can be fleeting and fragile…

Confusion reins sometimes when they are tested

Based on a misguided words or anger

Or a need to be “right” 

Or tied to a family blood thing.

Loyalty is bound up in caring, trust and love

There is so much at stake when you decide to break these bonds

Loss—of  love, of family, love of spouse

Clarity of what is right or wrong

And stability in who you are…

Once broken it is hard to rebuild

Trust is loss and relations shattered

So think hard and long when “you say it is best I just go my way”.

Building trust and love and loyalty is based on inclusion not shunning

Stay true to your love and it will guide the way

For loyalty is fragile as love and trust…

Loyalty can bring us close or split us apart 

Sure things are done that test are love and loyalty

But never forget where we have been and our special need for love 

That you can stop but I will never forget or give up

That love, trust and loyalty make life special…

Because unconditional love and trust are the core of loyalty

And provide the spark to living and spirit to the soul

Binding us together for evermore

Both in joy, sorrow and pain of family life

I will always remember your smile and caring way…

Caring way…for this is what I choose to live with…

Emotions can run deep and fast…which test us all

But in good and bad times love, trust, respect and loyalty

Will shine through if you are open to seeing we are all fallible

I send my love and loyalty to you…unconditionally

Until we hug and laugh once again…

Until we hug and laugh…

Letting bygone be bygones…

‘ Till unconditional love, faithful trust and devoted loyalty

Return for keeps because there’s so much at stake… at stake…at stake.

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