Part 1: Overview of Self-Coaching–Core Principles

Self-Coaching helps to bring out the best in people who are ordinary and would want to achieve extraordinary goals. The outcome is mastery of a particular process and structure for living a more meaningful and engaged life.” MWH

These ideas are not new because these self philosophies called Meaningful and Purposeful Living (MPL) can be found in many schools of self-help philosophies, therapies and spiritual disciplines.

Historical Foundation of Meaningful and Purposeful Living

This MPL is a ” process with structure” and an expansion of these other views by focusing on self-help processes and integrating many of the ideas of these schools into practical and usable ideas on mindfulness, learning, mental toughness and rational living developed by American psychotherapists and behavioral science researchers and authors such as, Dr. Victor Frankl, Dr. Albert Ellis (REBT), Dr. Maxie Maultsby (RBT) Dr. William Glasser (Reality Therapy) Glasser, Tim Gallwey, James Leoher, Carl Rogers and many others.

In essence, Meaningful and Purposeful Living principles are an educational method for approaching life realistically and rationally on your own terms and without the need to lay down on the couch or see an expensive psychotherapist who might practice only one dogmatic approach to healthy living. MLP teaches you to confront self-doubts and fears that hold us back from reaching our full potential. Every time you confront worn out thinking and old cognitive maps and discover the truth for yourself, you push back against stagnation and the status quo on your own path toward self-fulfillment and happiness. The action planning and execution phase  of Meaningful and Purposeful Living emphasizes accepting reality (including feelings), creation of personal vision and mission, focusing on life goals , and doing what needs doing to achieve your full potential.

What is Reflection?
Reflection is the pursuit of  self-awareness and your “truth.” This pursuit of means that we must make a commitment to identify who we are, where we are right now and where we want to go in the future. No one can to this type of exploration to find out about ourselves except ourselves.   If we have a process and clear structure to follow this search can become more feasible if we just flounder around and “sleep walk” through life we will reach the end not really knowing what was possible for us to achieve.  If pay attention to our daily lives, we will find that it is a very rare person who is curious and serious about finding out how they can make a difference in this rapidly changing and chaotic world. In fact, many of us simply assume that we already know. It takes a rare courage and curiosity to be willing to independently question notions that we already have in order to find out directly for ourselves what is true. This type of exploration takes time, energy and determine to reflect on life as it happens.

What is Active Execution ? 

Active execution means taking action based on values and beliefs that provide for growth by challenging us to experience a life worth living because we are always looking to do the right thing by telling and living our truth. When we act in the world on purpose, it is often quite enlightening and challenging. We discover a depth of vitality that is energizing. And, in these meaningful moments, we experience a dynamic freedom that is fulfilling and liberating. As long as we are breathing, we must live a life of seeking by questioning and learning from experience. The choice is in our hands, if we want to feel alive.


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