Self-Coaching: Overcoming Pinches and Stress in Interpersonal Communications

In case you missed this one. Most read post from my blog last week.

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Stress or Irritation (Pinch) – A pinch is a frustration or anger trigger that occur when one person, violates another’s needs, wants, expectations, boundaries, values, beliefs etc.

The offended person reacts with either a knot in the stomach or a small alien popping out of their chest to right the wrong caused by their frustration. Along with these physical sensations comes an irrational thought from the primitive part of their brain that over-rides the executive and rational part of their brain. Their thinking goes like this:  This person has offended or dis-respected me and should not have done/said that! Or in some cases, we think, this person should be more  responsive or courteous to me.In these situations we feel disappointed, frustrated or angry because our expectations are not being met.

Coaching Tip: Use alignment principle to manage stress and unmet expectations: Living with respect and empathy as core values means:…

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