Poem–Noise of Self-Deception and Fear

In case you missed my run home here it is again…Maybe I should change the title to the Zen of Running

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Noise of Self-Deception and Fear by MW Hardwick

Darkness surrounds me on the run home

And I can feel the chill and icy rain

As my feet slip on the fallen leaves.

My breath is visible in the street light.

Then I stop to catch it…

And wonder what is the fear welling up in me…

Can I out run this?  or do I need to just face what I am fearing?

Anxiety is not a friend or foe but where does it come from–

Is this reality or just something made-up in my mind?

I start to sing to over ride this stuff and my comfort is growing stronger.

My feet and legs move quicker and my heart beat finds a rhythm

So I know longer out running my breath…

I come upon the candy store dart in for a respite

I am half way home…

The owner looks…

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