Don’t miss this most popular post in the last two days. It will provide a perspective on –how to define your problem of feeling stuck in life. I take ask you to take a look at busyness, urgency and routine as the root causes of spinning your wheels and felling like you are getting nowhere in life.

Growth Mindset: Be a Life-long Learner

Part 1: Problem of Being Stuck in Life–Busyness, Urgency and Routine 

Just getting through a busy day is tough enough now days. Then finding the energy or time to reflect on where you are long-term in meeting personal, family, career, financial and health goals seems almost impossible to track.

Staying on purpose and finding fulfillment when facing urgent requests, busy routines of children, work and family life is not easy. Our daily routine often lacks a sense of purpose because we don’t take time to examine and work on the important but not urgent things. The urgent and unimportant can bury us with their urgency and stress demands. For most of us this kind of routine appears to serve no apparent end. We work very hard to keep our head above water. We get trapped by doing…doing…and more doing and still remain “stuck”.

Only when we are faced with a…

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