Daily Quote and Reflection: Strategic Listening the Ultimate Mark of Respect

Daily Quote:  Tom Peter’s famous cry for more effective and strategic listening…

” (An Obsession with)

Listening..is the ultimate mark of Respect. ( Respect leads to trust)

Listening is…the heart and soul of Engagement.

Listening… is the heart and soul of Kindness.

Listening…is the heart and soul of Thoughfulness.

Listening…is the basis for true Collaboration.

Listening…is the basis for true Partnership.

Listening is…a Team Sport.

Listening is a Developable Individual Skill. ( Though women are far better at it than men.)

Listening is …the basis for Community.

Listening is… the bedrock of Joint Ventures that work and grow ( including marriage.)

Listening is the core of effective Cross-functional Communication (Which is in turn Attribute #1 of organizational effectiveness).”

Reflection: The famous management guru Tom Peters has it the nail on the head –listening leads to success in every phrase of our life. Dr. Tom Peters has been called the “father of post-modern corporation” by —Los Angeles Times. I agree with Dr. Peters advocacy for more aggressive  listening and would add without listening their is no true communication.

Just listen to radio or TV talk shows, people engaged in talking over each other usually ends up in an escalation of volume and a lowering of understanding and confusion for the audience. The lack of listening I would assert is the root cause for many problems facing our fundamental bedrock institutions such as families, schools, political organizations, schools and corporations.

I also think the solution for increasing more effective listening begins with the individual as the unit of change.  We need to have better role models and more education on the Art of Listening not just on reading, writing and arithmetic in our schools.

Action Challenge: In the next 24 hours identify a difficult relationship and figure out how to neutralize and re-frame conversations through using one of the tools of listening–such as, open-ended questions, clarifying, restatement or reflection of the other person’s feelings.  


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