Weekly Self-Coaching Assignment–How to Diffuse Relationship Conflicts?

Weekly Self-Coaching Assignment 

A handy tool if you are having issues with someone, that sets you off and causes pain for everyone involved is called the caring confrontation process. At its core it is the ability to “say what needs to be said; you don’t withhold comments because they might hurt or be offensive to the other person. You  don’t run from or ignore the person but in a caring way you say what is on your mind and how you feel so as to be clear and compelling with other person rather than vague or miss leading.

These “difficult conversations” are built on openness and leveling with others and this behavior leads to  trust. I think one of the toughest elements of  coaching consciousness is the ability to build trust  and integrity in our relationships. That means saying what needs to be said in a caring and clear manner so as keep our relationships open and clear.

It’s not always easy to say what needs to be said. However, avoiding difficult conversations can drain the trust out of important relationships, sometimes to the point that we abandon the relationships because they lose their shared value.

Rupturing relationships because we won’t step up to the plate and say what needs to be said is a failure of our responsibility as a coach or trusted partner in our relationships. Valuable relationships are deepened by our willingness to be honest and level with the other person. Sometimes that means saying what needs to be said through caring confrontation.

You know that “something needs to be said” when something is bothering you about a situation. You have some emotional energy and baggage around the situation or what is or not being said. it. A conversation may be needed to get back to a place of clarity and shared understanding.

Assignment for this week

Identify a relationship that you are having difficulty with and then use the tool of caring confrontation and listening to begin to reset the relationship. Keep notes in your Person Self-Coaching Journal to identify what is working for you and where you need to improve to put the relationship back on a productive and effective path.

Send thewick an email to get the proven to tools to get started. thewick.wordpress.com/us or simple leave a comment at–http://wp.me/pnKb1-1Cg


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