Attention Assholes: Check-out if the Label Fits You. Take Self-Test.

Defining Asshole behavior “Someone who displays very rude, vulgar, inappropriate, obnoxious behavior that causes a major embarrassment and inconvenience to those around them”.However, what makes this person an asshole is the fact that they, while fully aware that others suffer on their behalf, intentionally behave so discourteously.

Examples of Asshole  behavior, and why it is:1) If you’re in a parking lot, and you’re closer to the parking spot someone just pulled out of than the other car, that’s been waiting for 5 minutes, you are an asshole. They were there first, making them rightfully entitled to that space.

2) Everyone stops talking when you walk-up, this makes you an asshole because people are afraid to offend you or to trip you anger button.

3) If you’re in a fancy restaurant on your only night out this month and you bring your 4 mo. old crying baby, you are an asshole. The baby will cry, and you will disrupt everyone’s time out.

4) Traffic is backed up for miles because of a closed lane. You don’t care so you drive along the shoulder till you can cut-in front of all the other idiots.

5. You drink a little too much at your brothers wedding and during the toast you talking about all the other girls he dated and the good times you and he had before the bride showed up in the picture.

Now,  if you have the nerve take Dr. Robert Sutton’s Quiz on Asshole behavior and see where you fit on his scale. There are only 15 questions and it is insightful if you can be truthful but this might illuminate some of your leadership “blindspots.  By the way lying or so-called “white lies” is also Asshole Behavior.

After taking the Quiz you might want to pick-up Dr. Robert Sutton’s Book –The No Asshole Rule   


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